Local Haddock run - The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO

I am currently attempting to perform an ab-initio DNA-Protein docking. I was testing with a PDB file from PDB, that I split into individual nucleotide and protein files.
The process ran up until:
Note: The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO

calculating structure 12
  queue command:

Structure 2: running
Structure 3: running
Structure 4: running
Structure 5: running
Structure 6: running
Structure 7: running
Structure 8: running
Structure 9: crashed
Structure 10: running
Structure 11: running
Structure 12: running

The FAILED file displayed the following repeatedly:
%EVALUATE-ERR: EVALUATE assignment aborted.:
evaluate ($resid2=encode(decode($resid1)+1))
%XRDECODE-ERR: Illegal argument(s).:
evaluate ($resid2=encode(decode($resid1)+1))

%PARSER error encountered: Encountered too many parsing errors.
I don’t understand what this could mean, and haven’t yet found references on it.
I would greatly appreciate some help!
Thank you in advance !!

CNS is stopping because of too many parsing errors. This points to possible errors in run.cns (e.g. missing quotes and such)

Check carefully the file you must have edited

Hello, thank you so much for your quick response !
I checked all the fields I initially modified for ‘syntax’ errors, and haven’t found any.
I attempted a fresh run, modifying carefully the required parameters and it led to the same result.
After some attempts,I tried with another complex and it worked.
I suspect it was due to PDB formatting, would that make sense?

Yes - bad PDB format will also cause issues…

Best to check and fix the PDB format with our pdb-tools

Indeed it was an insert error;
pdb_fixinsert, solved it !!

Thank you so much!