Error while protein DNA docking

while DNA protein docking HADDOCK server gives following error.
There was an inconsistency in your data

Error message

First pdb file contains an unknown amino acid or nucleic acid base DG

Make sure to use three letter code for bases and amino acid

For supported modified amino acids see
Directory of the run:

I tried changing DT to THY and so on for the bases but it didnt work

I could not create pdb file for DNA sequence from 3D-DART server as it is unavailable.
Please help

Unfortunately 3D-DART is offline for the time being, you could try using X3DNA.

I just checked and there is no problem with the DNA submission, so probably something went wrong with your input files.

When changing the nucleic acid base name, make sure the spaces are correct, for example:

ATOM      1  P    DT     1      -0.356   9.218   1.848  1.00  0.00
ATOM      1  P   THY     1      -0.356   9.218   1.848  1.00  0.00