It1 fail with cns error "PLANe error encountered: Fewer than 4 atoms selected!"

Hi, everyone.

I am trying to run protein-dna docking in local serve. But all jobs in it1 stage failed with the error in ***it1_refine_1.out that “PLANe error encountered: Fewer than 4 atoms selected!”!

So what do cause this issue? Thanks very much!!

Hi! First, check if the restraints you are using are correct (residue numbers, segids, etc), then if you are using dna restrains, check if your dna-rna_restraints.def is correct.

One more detail: While the server automatically generate a dna-rna_restraints.def file customised for your DNA, when running locally you will have to edit it manually.

The file can be found in the protocols directory and needs to be placed for the docking into the data/sequence directory of your run.

Alternatively turn off those restraints (not recommended) in run.cns:

{======================DNA-RNA restraints ============================}
{* Use DNA/RNA restraints (dna-rna_restraints.def in data/sequence)? *}
{+ choice: true false +}
{===>} dnarest_on=false;