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I have been trying to input a PDB file onto HADDOCK but everytime I try to submit the file comes up with an error. I have been able to fix multiple errors using PyMOL but now it says that the PBS contains an elemental ion CA without specified charge. When I try to fix this on PyMOL or Python nothing seems to work, I have also tried manually editing the PDB file on Notepad but the protein is too big to go through every single calcium ion, is there a way to fix this problem? I have obtained my PDB file from the RSBC protein data bank, is there a way to download this so that it does not show so many issues on HADDOCK?
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Dear Mercedes,

Thanks for your interest in using HADDOCK for your research.

First of all, are Calcium ions important for your docking ? if not, you can remove them using the pdb_striphet function from pdb_tools to remove all HETATM in your pdb, which is often a good idea.

If they are important, you could try using python regular expression library ( re ) to match your case and modify it accordingly.
Also, the sed command in bash can do this trick.

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With the hope that this answer will help you.

And not all CA atoms are calcium ions! Each amino acid has a CA atom.

Only those with HETATM at the start of the line would point to calcium ions.

And as suggested already, remove anything you don’t need.