How to generate HADDOCK restraints TBL file

Hello everyone!

I try to use the ab-initio mode to do the docking.
Instead of specifying active and passive residues, I need to supply a HADDOCK restraints TBL file.

Could you please post a link to show how to generate a HADDOCK restraints TBL file?


For ab-initio docking no need to upload restraints!

Rather turn on ether the center-of-mass restraints or the random AIR ones

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For anyone else that arrives to this post looking on how to generate restraints to use in HADDOCK, please have a look at GenTBL, an online tool to generate ambiguous restraints.

Indeed for ab initio docking you don’t need restraints, have a look at this link that has information on how to setup without and without information:
How to use information about interactions in HADDOCK? – Bonvin Lab

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Thank you amjjbonvin!

Thank you Rodrigo!