Haddock2.4 error

I am getting following error with my PDB file. Surprisingly using the same file I could perform my docking experiments around 4 months back on Haddock2.4

Error in PDB file.
Issue when parsing the PDB file at line 730 .
Your PDB contains an known residue PDBLine: HETATM 187 N MSE A 385 95.929 69.782 8.214 1.00 48.94 N that should be using ATOM record, please check the HADDOCK library for a list of supported modified residues.

Convert MSE from HETATM to ATOM

Did that but this time the error is

Error in PDB file.
Issue when parsing the PDB file at line 730 .
ATOM/HETATM line does not meet the expected format

Moreover I have used the same structure earlier in Haddock2.4 and there was no problem.

I am facing this problem from last month or so

Be careful of keeping the correct formatting!

HETATM is six characters while ATOM is only four, I.e. two spaces are needed to keep the column formatting

The server and the validation performed is always evolving.

As explained already when modifying a PDB file make sure to mess up the column formatting.

Thank you for your feedback, but I did the formatting very carefully as explained…still problem persists.

Facing the same problem for few other structures also

Share then one of those problematic PDB file

The structure I am using is a PDB structure 4JJY and chain A of this structure (RCSB PDB - 4JJY: Alix V domain)

Unfortunately as I am a new user, I am not able to attach a file.

Please suggest a way out for this issue.

Thank You

No problem on my side once I edited the HETATM/ATOM issue (and cleaned the PDB to only keep chainA)

See attached PDB file

4JJY-A.pdb (213.6 KB)

Thanks a lot…its working now.