Error: There was an inconsistency in your data

Recently, I noticed that someone posted a similar problem here so I followed the proposed solution. However, the error reoccur. I have crosslinking restrains and even without adding the unambiguous restrains, the error is appears.
Additionally, my crosslinking results are to be modeled between a homotrimer and a homo dimer - and in order to use CPORT I had to renumber the PDB files using COOT - I wonder if this might be the problem?
e.g. first monomer would be Chain A starts from residue 3-303 then second monomer is Chain A too from 313-613 and so on.

I tried also Easy interface, since I am using expert interface, and the same message appear.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Well - you don’t really say what is the error message… So impossible to answer you

That is the error message I get:

‘‘There was an unknown problem in the processing of your data.
This is either a server error, or some inconsistency in your input has been detected that was not properly reported’’

also it mentioned:
Error message>

("<type ‘exceptions.Exception’>:", Exception(‘Invalid TBL file: Unknown statement (line 1): # Cnx1 crosslinks no.1’,))

My crosslink TBL file as the following:

Cn1 crosslinks no.1

A 364 CA B 204 CA 4 30
A 789 CA B 40 CA 4 30
A 364 CA B 60 CA 4 30
A 364 CA B 95 CA 4 30

If this is your restraint format for HADDOCK, then it is wrong…. This is the DISVIS format
The proper format for restraints for HADDOCK follows the CNS format.

Refer for example to the following tutorial:—how-to-make-use-of-ms-data-in-haddock