Docking of homodimer

I’m trying to dock 2 MFN2 molecules to form a dimer. I’m using PDB ID 6JFK for this.
The first time I got the following error in the run:
%ATMCHK-ERR: unknown coordinates for atom "A -24 -VAL -N " … (for every atom in the run)

I then changed one of the molecules to chain B, so I have one molecule as chain A and the second as chain B but got again the same result.

What should I do?

This is the last run:

Dear Karen

There was yesterday an issue with the server which caused runs to fail.
We tried to notify all users whose runs might have been affected, but must have missed your run which started just before we fixed the issue.

I submitted again your job parameter file via the file upload interface and it seems now happily running: