Challenges in Consistency: Comparing Mutated Protein Forms with Wild-Type Using Haddock

Hello everyone,

I recently submitted the same mutated form of a protein with DNA twice on the Haddock platform. However, I obtained different results each time, making it difficult to determine which result is more reliable and complicating the interpretation of the data. My goal is to compare this mutated form with the wild-type form of the protein.
Has anyone encountered this issue before? How can I choose the most reliable result for this comparison? Are there specific criteria or additional steps I should follow to validate my results?
Thank you in advance for your help!

This kind of simulations are chaotic in nature. The jobs are running on a large distributed infrastructure of computers around the world.

As such you should expect differences when repeating runs.
Also consider the scores and their standard deviations when deciding if a cluster is better than another one (or a mutant vs wt in your case).

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