BioBB not working?

Hi! I try to use BioBB server but it won’t work, I cannot submit a project. It only says uploading data when i submit my protein-ligand structure it does not go to step 2:protonation state. can you help me with this?

Dear gcdomingo,

we are experiencing technical problems with our computational resources behind the servers. We are working on fixing them. Please be patient and try it next week.

Thanks for your interest in our tools!

Hi @gcdomingo

It seems that the technical problems have been fixed. Can you please try now.

Thanks for using our platform and we apologize for this inconvenience.

Thanks adam! However, I have one more issue with GROMACS Complex Set-Up as upon uploading the ligand in the Check Structure always give me an error “Both ligands must have the same number of atoms” even though after checking, they have the same number of atoms. Can you please help me fix this? TIA