Bin error when try to execute the source ./haddock.config

I would suggest to try first to get it running simply from the command line.
No need to include it in your bashrc file.

At this time it is more a Linux support issue rather than haddock issue.

It might be more efficient if you can find some experienced local user to help you.

Also under which operating system are you doing all this?

As I mentioned here I have tried with terminal it does’t work so then only i went to bashrc
And I am using centos 7

Sorry - but we can’t help more at this stage. Please find some local Linux expert to help you.

May-be one last thing to try is to run it under csh instead of bash, sourcing instead the haddock_configure.csh script.

But if executing the commands one by one in a terminal window does not work, then something is wrong with your system or there are typos.

PS: Or simply use our web server instead :slight_smile:


I see that you installed the Haddock to the /root directory. Do you run it as root? Regular users do not have access to the /root directory by default.


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I have run it with root