About loading options

Hi , I have two questions: Is there a possibility to add a stride to the import of .xtc files, like only load every nth frame? And as you said the splicing was inspired by python, does that mean resname(‘ALA’)[2:8] selects 2nd to 8th Alanine, or 2nd to 7th alanine? So is the upper limit inclusive or exclusive? Thanks!

At the moment you cannot add a stride to your xtc import but it is indeed a great idea that we keep in mind for the future. Thanks!
For your second question, it is inclusive. so 2nd to 8th.

Hi, the stride is a great idea and could pretty easily be added if there is a need for it.
However, we use an internal frame cache and stream frames on demand, so there is no need from the perspective of memory consumption to load a subset.