Whisky error - cannot have the final result

I managed to “run” whisky but i get the following error:

I have inputed a protein structure predction, with chain A to be analyzed and as protein alignment i used “8J1N” - ucp1 protein from RCSB PDB - 8J1N: Structure of human UCP1 in the DNP-bound state, what is happening or what could ia change here ? thanks in advance


command: /opt/software/whiscy/whiscy_setup.py ENSMUSG00000031710_hgfemale_Ucp1_seq_model1.pdb A --hssp 8J1N
exit status: 1
whiscy_setup [INFO] PDB structure with chain A saved to ENSMUSG00000031710_hgfemale_Ucp1_seq_model1_A.pdb
whiscy_setup [INFO] Atom accessibility calculated to ENSMUSG00000031710_hgfemale_Ucp1_seq_model1_A.rsa
whiscy_setup [INFO] Surface and buried residues calculated
whiscy_setup [INFO] Downloading HSSP alignment…
whiscy_setup [ERROR] HSSP file could not be generated
Error is: <urlopen error ftp error: URLError(“ftp error: error_perm(‘550 Failed to change directory.’,)”,)>

Does this particular prediction fail?
Did you try another system?

It seems related to the access to the hssp entry