Protein-rna docking error


I am trying to upload a RNA pdb file (which I generated using RNAComposer) in the “Molecule 2 - Input Section”. However, I am constantly seeing the following error
Error in PDB file.
Issue when parsing the PDB file at line 32 .
Your PDB contains an known residue PDBLine: ATOM 30 P U B 2 -15.442 5.214 -12.429 1.00 15.00 B P that should be using HETATM record.

This is the first time I am getting such error. I have used this same model and docked with 2 different protein models and received none such an error. Now suddenly I am facing issues with this.

Please help,

Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. A bug has been recently introduced that caused the server to mistakenly recognize U as uranium instead of uracil.

It has now been fixed, please try again! :mechanic:t4: