Per-residue energy analysis

I want to analysis per-residue energy , I have read the manual HADDOCK2.4 manual - Analysis – Bonvin Lab, but I have check the output files , the ene-residue.disp file inexitence.

If I want to analysis the per-residue energy, in which file do I need to difine this program . or difined in this file : read_struc.cns or run.cns ?

What line should I difined and files should be prepare.

Thank you , all.

You have to turn on the full analysis option - the default is only clustering.

{======================= analysis and clustering ==========================}
{* Full or limited analysis of results? *}
{+ choice: "full" "cluster" "none" +}
{===>} runana=“full";

If running locally, empty the analysis directory, change the value of the runana parameter and restart haddock.