HADDOCK 2.5 parameters


I am using HADDOCK 2.5 locally on my PC and I have to change some parameters in the .json and run.cns file to run my docking analysis. Is there a manual that explains all the parameters in these files?
I have read the manual on run.cns parameters in the Bonvin Lab website, but I can’t find an explanation of some parameters (i.e. centroid_kscale and em_kscale).

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Any “kscale” parameter relates to a force constant.

For the em one it is the force constant for the EM energy term (the cross-correlation coefficient)

And the centroid one is for the centroid restraints used in the cryo-EM docking protocol.

These are not usual parameters that a user would like to change :slight_smile:

If you dig into the run.cns file, you will find those grouped by category while the json file might list hem alphabetically