Error RNA-Docking

I use a local haddock installation and have a problem with RNA-Protein-Docking. I get this error within the first step by generate_1.out:

CNSsolve> end if
CNSsolve> if ( $ares_name = THY ) then
%NEXTCD-ERR: Symbol not found:
if ( $ares_name
NEXTCD: condition evaluated as false
CNSsolve> pick bond

This error reoccurs for different ares_name (e.g. URI, THY, ADE, CYT, GUA).
I found exact the same error in the protein-dna-docking-examples that was provided with the installation. Is this an known error or did I do something wrong?

Best regards

You must be using an old installation of HADDOCK.

I suggest to update to the most recent version.