Docking a dimer

I used as second molecule a dimer. The numbering of the two chains is not overlapping, however there are two chainIDs and not one. The active sites I’ve used are present on both chains. I’ve named them according to their numbering, that is different, specifying “All” as chainID to be used. I got results from this run. Should I consider that the active residues used in the docking are all the ones I specified ?
Many thanks

That should indeed be the case - if you download the run you can check the restraint file that has been created (e.g. ambig.tbl in data/distances)

But it does not mean that all might be satisfied.

And by default 50% is randomly deleted for each docking trial (can be turned off).

Hi Alexandre,

Many thanks for your prompt response. Unfortunately I did that run few days ago (job 24089) and I did’t download all the files. Is it possible to recover them now or are they deleted for ever?


The runs are kept for two weeks. If you have the link you should be able to find the archive