CNS errors before/after recompilation

Hey! Can you help me with this error?
I completed the instalation without issues:
created executable file cns_solve-2401191658.exe
removing out-of-date executable file cns_solve-2401191654.exe
And ran “source .cns_solve_env_sh” without issues.

But then when I type “cns”:
Command ‘cns’ not found, did you mean:

command ‘cvs’ from deb cvs (2:1.12.13+real-27build1)
command ‘cs’ from deb csound (1:6.13.0~dfsg-3build2)
command ‘cjs’ from deb cjs (4.4.0-4)
command ‘nns’ from deb tcllib (1.20+dfsg-1)
command ‘cnt’ from deb open-infrastructure-container-tools (20200121-1)
command ‘cons’ from deb cons (
command ‘ns’ from deb ns2 (2.35+dfsg-3build1)

Try: sudo apt install
Thank you!

Did you edit the cns_solve_even_sh file and specify the correct location of CNS

In any case for HADDOCK you only need the executable.

For HADDOCK3 you should copy it to the bin directory in the haddock3 installation

For HADDOCK2.X, you should specify its location in run.cns

Dear all,
Could you guys check and tell me what am I doing wrong? The error message that i got is as follows:
make[3]: Target ‘…/bin/cns_solve’ not remade because of errors.
make[2]: *** [Makefile:59: cns_solve] Error 2
make[1]: *** [Makefile:64: cns_solve] Error 2

I tried the steps mentioned here but i got these errors in the make install steps itself. What should I do?