Chain change by Haddock


I am using the web platform. I submitted a model composed of two chains (A : from residue 1 to residue 760 ; B : from residue 761 to residue 1520) to which I want to dock another protein (Transferrin).
When I download the input files, I could see that the original model submitted is modified by Haddock and now contains only one chain (A : from residue 1 to residue 1520). My problem is that a link is created between the last residue of former chain A (residue 760) and the first residue of former chain B (residue 761) but I don’t want this bond which makes no sense for my model. What could I do to avoid this bond to be created by Haddock ?

Thank you in advance,

This is my original model

And this is the new model created by Haddock

The bond is not created if the termini are not at close proximity and this is clearly not the case.
It is only be a graphical display issue.

Add a TER statement between the two chains and you will see it disappear.