Why this group and a few questions for you


Dear Integrative Modellers and wannabes,

With this post we would like to kick off this group of interest by putting the focus on what is its most valuable asset, you!

No matter if you came here only driven by curiosity or if you are a real expert in the field, we all share some interest in Integrative Modelling and this group is therefore the best place to discuss any affiliated subjects. As instigators of it, we are eager to know what you expect from such a group and how it could complement the existing web services and communities, too often centered either on specific expertise fields or software.

We thought of 7 questions that would be very helpful for us (and perhaps also for you) in order to identify more precisely what kind of information, support, training, etc … could be provided though this group. Please simply answer the questions by replying to this post.

  1. What is your degree of expertise in Integrative Modelling (aka Hybrid Modelling), ranging from 0 (distant contemplator) to 5 (guru)?

  2. Besides Integrative Modelling, do you have other competencies in related experimental and/or bioinformatic fields?

  3. For which purpose are you using (or planning to use) integrative modelling?

  4. What kind of data are you typically manipulating?

  5. Which software/protocols are you using to process these data? Could you report your level of expertise for each of them, ranging from 1 (beginner) to 5 (expert)?

  6. Would you be willing to share some of your success stories depicting integrated modelling?

  7. Through the center of excellence BioExcel, we are providing training workshops and hands-on sessions where we promote integrative modelling and share best practices with the attendants. Because the target audience is large and scattered, we are curious to know your opinion on the training needs. What are in your view the sensible competencies (not obligatory yours) required in this field?

We are also going to create two topics dedicated to events and publications that are related to Integrative Modelling. Please, feel free to add the ones you consider relevant for the group. Another topic will be also dedicated to the different resources linked to BioExcel that might have some interests for our IG.

Thank you for starting this group with us, we hope this group will fill an existing gap for our community and soon be a collaborative platform for support and information.

Kind regards
Adrien Melquiond and Mikael Trellet

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