After subbmit, shows Something went wrong

sorry to bother you again,today after i submit another program , everthing goes well,but after I click submit,web shows Something went wrong.

How should i do?

Do you really expect we can help you with 0 information provided…???

Simply try again.
If the error persists provide detailed info on what you are doing

I just submit program as usual.

in haddock 2.4,web server
First, i upload six pdb format,
next,I input the actice/passive residues, and Use default parameters.

After all this , Every step I made is as usual.
Repeat steps and submit seven or eight times,but always the same message"something went wrong"

But never mind,I’ll figure out “something”.before that,i have to use other docking program.
And i still respect the great work you have made,what i met just a flaw in a jewel.


This “Something went wrong” error message happens when the webserver interface cannot handle an internal processing error, most likely one that we have never seen before.

Looking into the internal logs, it seems that there was an error when creating the restraints file based on the input active/passive. This could be what you are experiencing.

Could you confirm that all the residues you used as restraints (both active and passive) exist on each of the input molecules and that the Partner selections on step 2 only contain numbers for existing molecules as comma separated values?